45 Years of Helping People Act Now
More than 45 years of helping people act now.

Ecology Action is an award-winning nonprofit environmental consultancy that’s been helping people create positive change for the community, the economy, and the environment for over four decades. In addition to being an industry leader in the design and delivery of energy efficiency programs, we also operate a vibrant green communities division that runs programs focused on pollution prevention, sustainable transportation, and water conservation.  Watch the video to see what helping people act now means to us.

More than Four Decades of Experience

Forty six years later, we’re still helping people, businesses and communities make simple, yet profound changes that have big environmental impact. By doing so, our work not only reduces greenhouse gas emissions today, but it also opens the minds of the people throughout the communities we serve to the possibility of bigger, bolder changes tomorrow.

We design programs that enable people to thrive.

We lead the industry in developing market-based programs that generate real value, inspiring change that delivers a tangible customer return.

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We’re mission-inspired and committed to delivery.

Our team of talented professionals have redefined outside-the-box thinking in the world of program design and delivery.

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Our programs help tens of thousands of people.

We’ve helped people and businesses across California act now. Learn about a few of the programs we’ve implemented.

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Our Change Acceleration Model

At Ecology Action, we use a methodology we developed called Change Acceleration to deliver programs that are tailored to the unique circumstances of individuals and businesses.


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