Introducing SMART Scale

Accelerating the energy efficiency market

SMART Scale is an innovative and cost-effective energy-efficiency platform for programs serving small to medium commercial building customers. At no cost to you, Ecology Action is offering to share the program overview, outcomes, implementation details and other resources bundled in an easy to use online toolkit to help set up a program in your area.

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Why SMART Scale?

SMART Scale is a proven, best in class deep retrofit program for small
and medium commercial buildings designed to be easily replicated in a wide range
of markets across the country.

Deeper Savings

SMART Scale successfully reduces customers’ total electrical kWh consumption by 20% from the baseline.

Comprehensive Projects

In SMART Scale, 45% of program savings were realized through refrigeration and HVAC retrofits – compared to an industry standard of less than 15%.

Cost-Effective Program Delivery

In the SMART Scale model, we’ve proven that it’s possible to reduce energy use at an overall program cost that is less than the cost of purchasing electricity.

Precision and accuracy

SMART Scale uses both traditional technology-level savings measurement approaches as well as whole building meter data to determine total baseline energy reduction

High Close Rates Despite Customer Co-pay

SMART Scale training helps field staff quickly become knowledgeable and technically experienced in SMB energy projects; 52% of customers who received an audit move forward with the retrofit.

Harnessing the Power of Contractors

The SMART Scale model enables contractors to take on greater responsibilities for generating leads and designing projects, resulting in more customers and more savings without increasing program costs.

SMART Scale Online Implementer Toolkit

Our free implementation toolkit provides valuable resources including a detailed presentation, training tools, cost information, program forms and equipment documentation.

Toolkit Presentation

We’re available to present the complete SMART Scale Implementation Guide to your staff or project team anywhere in the US.

On-site Workshop

Want to roll up your sleeves and get into the real details of the program?  We’re ready to present and facilitate a SMART Scale workshop with your teams.

Webinar for Staff

Lots of remote locations?  No problem.  We can host an online webinar for any of your field staff no matter where they’re located.