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Change Acceleration

Change Acceleration is a methodology we’ve perfected over the last four decades to deliver programs that are tailored to meet individuals’ unique needs. Everyone wins in this model, from the customers we serve to our partners, our community and our planet.
The Change Acceleration model has four key phases:



Finding Connections

Knowing who to converse with and how.

An imperative to any successful program is connecting authentically with people through an understanding of their environment and frame of reference.


Inspiring Participation

Engaging in conversations that matter.

When it comes to changing behavior, we believe that if the message is meaningful and relevant, people will participate.


Providing Convenience

Customizing based on a unique needs set.

Our programs are successful because they’re designed for what works best for the customer’s unique needs and circumstances.


Delivering Value

Ensuring that people continue to be inspired by rewarding them.

We link participation explicitly and firmly to real value, inspiring change that delivers a tangible return.

How does this translate to the real work?

We use the power of Change Acceleration to guide our process, while the day-to-day mechanics
are directed by the comprehensive services we offer.

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