Working at Ecology Action

Get a sneak peek into the people and culture that make this place much more than just a job.

Roll electric?

No problem. Pull up to one of our three electric vehicle charging stations.

We have our own band.

And yes, they take requests.

We have a dog friendly office.

Meet the newest arrival, Chico.

We walk the talk.

Our rainwater harvesting system feeds our rainwater garden and drought tolerant landscaping.

We let our hair down once in a while.

And might even get our ’70s groove on.

We’re deep thinkers.

Some of that thinking happens on our sun deck. In our hammock.

We are Gold LEED Certified.

Lots of natural light and fresh air fuel us. Home Sweet Home.

We believe in carpooling.

Especially if it’s a party bus.

We’re crazy in love with bikes.

So we have ample bike racks, and secure storage in our basement.

We all have our own soundtrack for life…

… and unique headphone style.

We work hard, but always find time for fun.

Darts? Or would you prefer ping pong?

This is Ed.

He’s a ball retrieving rock star.

We love food.

Summer time parking lot BBQs are the best. Especially with Hawaiian shirts and Westies.


We bring our own reusable cutlery and napkins to every office party.

We love energy efficiency.

I mean, REALLY love it.

We take our Ecology Action pride wherever we go.

Even on the high seas.

We like to feed our bike community.

Fuel for the morning commute!

Bike Rodeo!

We like to test out our bike safety courses on employees.

Our headquarters are located in the heart of downtown Santa Cruz.

Tons of choices for coffee, lunch and mid-afternoon walks.

(Photo credit Stanislav Sedov)

We love our local community.

And we’re involved in the effort to keep it healthy, sustainable and prosperous.

We have our own gigantic avocado tree.

Guacamole happy hour anyone?

Our priorities are in order.

We believe in work/life balance. It’s even in our bylaws.

We think we are very punny.

I’d love to stay, but I really moustache.