Energy Programs

Alameda Municipal Power Energy Plus Program

Alameda Municipal Power (AMP) Energy Plus Program is a comprehensive direct-install retrofit program serving non-residential customers of Alameda Municipal Power. The program provides a cost-free audit and proposal of recommended energy efficiency retrofits for customers located within the City of Alameda. Following the audit and recommendations, the program creates and implements direct install, comprehensive, turnkey retrofit solutions that deliver cost-effective, reliable energy savings and rebates to customers, decreasing CO2 greenhouse gas emissions.


For this program, Ecology Action works with businesses, schools and municipal customers to outline their unique energy savings opportunities, projected bill savings, rebate available to lower the job cost, and how quickly the savings pay for themselves. We provide an approved contractor and schedule the installation during a convenient time. After Ecology Action representatives inspect for the highest quality assurance, business owners are only responsible for the amount of job cost not covered by AMP’s rebate…no extra forms, applications, or waiting for a check in the mail. The program supports all kinds of interior and exterior energy efficient lighting retrofits, including LEDs. It’s that simple; we do the work and AMP customers save on their utility bill.

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AMP Energy Plus services are designed to make the process of becoming energy-efficient simpler than ever for the City of Alameda’s non-residential utility ratepayers, and to decrease Alameda’s overall greenhouse gas emissions.

Fewer Carbon Emissions
  • Enables small and medium businesses to use less energy and reduce their carbon footprint.
  • Supports Alameda Municipal Power GHG emissions reduction goals and efforts.
Healthier Communities
  • Helps local businesses save money, enhancing their local reputation, and supporting a green economy.
Stronger Businesses
  • Helps customers lower their electricity usage and costs, and improve their bottom line in the process.
  • Rebates cover up to 80-90% of the job cost, and are paid directly to the contractor.