Energy Programs

EMPower Palo Alto

EMPower Palo Alto is a program designed to capture cost effective electric and gas savings, and offer renewable and energy efficiency solutions, to commercial, industrial, and institutional customers within the City of Palo Alto.



EMPower Palo Alto is an energy efficiency program delivered by Ecology Action for commercial customers of the City of Palo Alto Utilities (CPAU). The program offers businesses a wide range of energy efficiency retrofit services including installations and upgrades of lighting systems, heating and air conditioning units, sensors, boilers, motors, laundry facilities, vending and refrigeration systems, and more.

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Program Goals

The program goal is to provide CPAU’s commercial, industrial, and institutional customers with comprehensive energy efficiency services that yield real energy savings. The program is designed with a simple, yet potent marketing process and a broad selection of both proven and innovative energy efficiency measures.

Program Impact

As a publicly-owned utility, CPAU is committed to increasing energy efficiency in the community of Palo Alto while reaching the greenhouse gas reduction goals set by the California Energy Commission. The EMPower Palo Alto program will lead to the installation of energy efficiency measures that will produce 8,859,160 kWh of energy savings, 1,050 kW of peak demand energy savings, and a gas savings of 115,300 therms.

Fewer Carbon Emissions
  • Achieves reductions in energy demand, efficient use of natural resources, and reductions in pollution and greenhouse gas emissions associated with energy generation.
Healthier Communities
  • Empowers customers to manage their energy use.
  • Creates healthier and more comfortable working environments, with efficient HVAC systems and brighter, whiter lighting that produces less heat.
Stronger Businesses
  • Stimulates the adoption of energy efficiency projects for the City’s large commercial and industrial sectors.
  • As energy prices rise, businesses will be ahead of the curve, with lowered energy usage of up to 50%.

Program Reach


“The installation team really adapted based on our needs. Being a part of the program solved a huge facilities headache for us that we didn’t have to think about or oversee for the next three years.”

-Mike Hornbuckle, Senior Facilities Engineer, Palo Alto Research Center