Energy Programs

The Hospitality Program

In partnership with PG&E, Ecology Action has been serving commercial hospitality properties throughout PG&E territory with energy efficiency retrofits with an emphasis on HVAC measures since 2006.


The Hospitality Program provides energy efficiency recommendations, project oversight, and rebates at no cost to hospitality related customers in PG&E territory. Eligible businesses include hotels, motels, dining, casinos and more. The program is tailored to meet the unique needs of these businesses. Hospitality energy specialists will conduct a free assessment of your facility and identify site specific opportunities to save energy and money.

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This program was designed to help hospitality customers reduce their energy consumption, save money and help protect the environment.

Fewer Carbon Emissions
  • Since its launch in 2006, The Hospitality Program has saved approximately 47 gigawatt-hours of total energy and 600,000 therms of natural gas.
Healthier Communities
  • A comprehensive range of lighting measures for guest rooms, common areas, and exterior lighting are available.
  • Creates healthier and more comfortable environments, and whiter, brighter lighting that puts off less heat.
Stronger Businesses
  • Has served over 600 hospitality customers with comprehensive energy efficiency retrofits.
  • Direct energy savings reduces the bottom line for California businesses.

Program Reach



“Once we saw how Ecology Action worked with our facilities team and the rebates we received, it was a no-brainer. I’ve recommended the program to other facilities and look forward to continued projects.”

– Larry Builta, SFO Hyatt Regency