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Employer Transportation Services

Ecology Action’s Employer Transportation Services program works with local employers to provide their employees with services that make it easier for them to use healthy, green, and money saving transportation.


Employer Transportation Services offers programs that encourage member employees to use other ways than driving alone to commute to and from work. Membership in the program gives employers access to information and incentives that they can offer their employees, including carpool and rideshare information, Zipcar memberships, emergency rides home, and 0% Interest bike loans.

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The mission and goal of the Ecology Action Employer Transportation Services program is to increase the number of local commuters using alternatives to driving alone, and provide a safer, healthier community.


We are proud that over 7,000 local employees already use this climate solution service.

Fewer Carbon Emissions
  • Over 40% of all greenhouse gas in Santa Cruz County is emitted by transportation, encouraging alternative modes of getting to work helps decrease this number.
Healthier Communities
  • Encouraging alternative transportation for local employees reduces traffic congestion and creates safer and more pleasant streets.
Stronger Businesses
  • Working with local businesses and dedicated Employer Transportation Coordinators provides a valuable benefit to employees.