Acting Now Everyday

It’s one thing for us to tell you about the important work that we do everyday, but we’d rather show you.

Safe Routes to School

Our bike safety programs in schools get create a lifelong love of cycling.


Our WaterLink program helps businesses and residents in the Santa Clara Water District save water and energy.

Energy Efficiency 

Ecology Action is California’s leading direct installation implementer.

Energy Engineering

Our engineers make sure that all projects maximize energy savings in a cost-effective manner, while our project managers monitor progress and provide key support to help customers from start to finish.

Water Conservation

A cornerstone component of our water conservation programs focuses on helping businesses and residents convert turf into drought-tolerant landscaping.

Energy Engineering

Our expert energy engineering team is made up of industry certified experts including PEs, CEMs, NABCEP, LEED, and PhDs.

Bike Safety Training

Our staff bring an incredible amount of passion, humor and heart to all of our bike safety programs.

We are Gold LEED Certified.

Watch this video to see what it’s like to work in our Gold LEED Certified building.

Empowerment and Collaboration

Our office is full of people united by a strong sense of shared values and beliefs with a deep, personal commitment to our mission. Not only do we employ some of the brightest minds in our industry, but they’re also natural leaders who can translate vision into reality, empower others, and bring fresh thinking to the disciplines we practice and the communities we serve.

Energy Efficiency.

One of our areas of expertise is working with school districts to put together an energy efficiency plan that has their unique needs in mind.

Water Conservation

Part of encouraging people to take actions to conserve water is to make it simple. WaterLink assists people living in houses, apartments, condos, and mobile homes. It doesn’t matter if they rent or own their home.

Helping Businesses

Our Energy Efficiency Consultants specialize in commercial buildings and construction.

Instilling a Love of Cycling

Riding a bike teaches children about participation, inclusion, safety and responsibility and also gets kids out of the house and on a path to health and fitness.

Energy Efficiency

Our energy programs have saved more than 500 million kilowatt hours for 14,000 small businesses, making a big impact on their bottom line while avoiding millions of tons of carbon emissions.

Water Conservation

Much of the work that we do through our water conservation programs relies on the support and participation of community volunteers.

Bike Rodeo!

We like to test out our bike safety courses on employees.

Our head office is located in the heart of downtown Santa Cruz.

Tons of choices for coffee, lunch and mid-afternoon walks.

Water Conservation

To have the biggest impact, we seek out large, community projects that have the potential to save the most water.