Our People

Mountain Bikers

A strong team of industry experts.

Tackling the world's toughest resource challenges is the shared purpose that connects us as an organization - and transcends the bottom-line.

  • Aaron D.

    Vice President of Strategic Development

  • Callie M.

    Office Manager

  • Heather H.

    Vice President of Marketing Solutions

  • Jonathan T.

    Vice President, Business Development and Integration

  • Juan C.

    Senior Program Specialist - Youth Programs

  • Julie P.

    Customer Success Manager

  • Kalia V.

    Sustainability Service Corp Fellow

  • Margaret I.

    Art Director

  • Matt M.

    Program Manager l - Community Biking

  • Piet C.

    Strategic Fund Development Director

  • Scott F.

    Director of Business Strategy

  • Tawn K.

    Program Specialist - Community Biking