Ecology Action is the Best in the West

Who is Ecology Action?

Ecology Action is the only nonprofit contractor that offers a path to profitable business efficiency solutions.

What do we do?

We manage the A to Z of energy efficiency retrofits for medium to large California enterprises. We do the heavy lifting so that you and your customers can reap the rewards of our energy efficiency solutions. Because of our expertise in delivering energy efficiency in the most complex regulatory environment in the world, we’re able to secure the best rebates and maximum savings for your customers.

What makes us different?

  • We’ve helped over 15,000 commercial customers save $1 billion on their utility bills.
  • We’ve secured $50 million in rebates that cover lighting, HVAC, and refrigeration technology.
  • We’ve been a preferred partner of PG&E for 15 years.
  • As a nonprofit, we measure success by our ability to reduce carbon emissions at scale.