What is Bike Smart?

By teaching bike safety at a young age, Ecology Action imbues children with a lifelong healthy habit and a passion for pedaling. Our Bike Smart program is modeled on the best national practices in terms of age of delivery, diversity of teaching methods, student interaction, and course content.


Our goal is to increase the ridership of elementary-aged students, while simultaneously reducing the crash rates of young bicyclists. 

We teach kids bike skills for life. 

Our nationally certified and bi-lingual instructors teach elementary school students the basics, in the classroom and out on the streets. The two-part program includes a 1-hour presentation, followed by an approximately 2-hour rodeo that covers the following bike safety practices.

Safety around cars

Choosing safe routes

Hand signaling and communicating

Safely navigating intersection crossings

Benefits of bicycling

The importance and correct use of a bicycle helmet

Equipment safety (ABC quick check)

Being visible

Rules of the road

…and more!


A new interactive experience.

We provide 45-minutes of fun and interactive Bike Safety online programming to 5th grade students taught live by two instructors. Instruction is provided through a PowerPoint for visuals and animation. We integrate many opportunities for students to practice the safety rules, including repetition through dance, interactive games, and storytelling. Classes can be delivered in English or Spanish.


Where the rubber meets the road.

On a separate day, Bike Smart staff will return to the school for the bicycle rodeo. The rodeo allows students to practice using the safety skills learned in the classroom through a fun, interactive bicycle safety obstacle course.

The rodeo is ideally 2-hours long for each class, but we can modify the timing to best align with the school schedule.

Bike Smart staff will arrive to the school 1-hour before the first rodeo to set up the course. We use a variety of cones, props, and chalk to create a mock intersection on the school blacktop. (We generally use about two basketball courts worth of space, although we always modify to fit the school blacktop.) We bring an entire fleet of bicycles and helmets so that all students can participate even if they don’t have a bike to bring.

The rodeos begin in the classroom, where staff members review skills taught in the presentation and introduce the bicycle safety course. The class is then divided by the classroom teacher: half stay in the classroom, while the other half accompany the Bike Smart instructors to the course. We provide the teacher with additional bicycle safety games and lessons that they can administer to the remaining students if they choose. After both groups have ridden, the Bike Smart staff regroups with all students in the classroom to reflect on what was learned, as well as conduct a brief rodeo survey and bicycle safety raffle.

Bike Smart - Ecology Action


Bring Bike Smart to your school!

Our team will work closely with you or your staff to determine the best schedule for your classes. Reach out to our team at to schedule a presentation.

Juan Castillo

Youth Program Specialist


Do good, feel good.

Make your free time be more than me-time. Nothing is more selfless than donating your time and energy to projects that make your community – and the planet – a better place. But it’s not all sacrifice; it’s also a lot of fun!

Bike Smart volunteers and interns assist lead staff in the implementation of youth bicycle and walk safety training. 

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Can't volunteer? Consider donating.

This program is 100% funded by private and public donors. Please consider making a donation for us to continue teaching our local kids bike skills for life. 

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Sal Murillo

Youth Program Coordinator


Rules of the road.

The Bike Smart presentation is delivered indoors in an assembly format or in each classroom. The presentation lasts approximately 1-hour, although we can modify it to align with school preferences. We’ll bring all equipment, including a computer, PowerPoint, speakers, props, etc.



“Absolutely wonderful. Engaging.  They both spoke equally switching back and forth keeping the kid's interest. I was so impressed with these teachers . . .I highly recommend this program to all ages and I think it is so important to educate children about this, especially here in Santa Cruz.  Please compliment these teachers.  They also set standards before presenting and set guidelines for proper behavior. THANK YOU!” 

-  5th grade Teacher Johnston at Bay View Elementary

“"I am so grateful that you all were able to create a bike safety presentation for our 5th graders. I have seen many Bike Smart safety presentations in my classroom over the years, and this virtual presentation really taught the information well. [I think the video was glitchy, and maybe find a replacement for that.] I think the hand movements were a great way to get the students engaged and involved. Thank you so much!"

-  5th grade Teacher at Bay View, Branoff