How to Lose Your Lawn for Good

By Ecology Action
May 24, 2017

Lawns are so 2010.

But the WaterLink Program’s turf retrofit team is here to help you burst into the new century with this above video that shows how easy it is to get rid of your water-intensive grass. Plus we walk you around a 15,000 square foot project we just completed at Gilroy High School, which will make your own lawn job look extra easy in comparison.

Replacing your lawn with low-water landscaping makes your community more drought tolerant and helps offset global warming, plus it saves you money. Even better, chances are extremely high that both the state and your local water district have rebates to offset the cost. Below are are a few resources to help get you started. Note that most rebate programs have limited funding and are first-come-first-served. They also often require you to apply before you replace your lawn, so check the details carefully before you get started.

The Santa Clara Valley Water District offers residents and businesses in Santa Clara County a rebate of $1 per square foot of converted turf.

The City of Santa Cruz offers $1 per square foot  for residential conversions.

Monterey County residents can apply for rebates of $1 per square foot (up to 2500 square feet).

The Bay Area Water Supply & Conservation Agency offers rebates to residents in municipalities throughout San Francisco and San Mateo counties ranging from $1 to $4 per square foot (for lucky Pacifica residents).

Alameda County also offers rebates.

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