Movies That Want to Change the World

By Ecology Action
February 11, 2017

Films we’ve seen or want to see that tackle issues you should know about.



An Inconvenient Sequel

Who doesn’t need a little Al Gore right about now? This is the sequel to his 2006 documentary (was it really over 10 years ago?) that raised some serious awareness about the dangers of climate change. Scheduled to open July 28th in theaters. Bring it on!

Merchants of Doubt

Once upon a time some guys helped the tobacco industry fool the public for decades about the dangers of smoking. Those guys are back and now they’re helping spread confusion about climate change. An insightful and sometimes humorous look at the strategies and mechanics of corporate propaganda. Plenty to learn here.

The Land Beneath Our Feet

What happens when an expatriate Liberian returns to his war-torn home with archival films from the 1920s showing corporations taking land from the people and ruining it? The footage is embraced as a national treasure and helps the people to see the current state of their land use and policies in a new light.

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  1. Kirsten Liske says:

    I’m also looking forward to viewing “How to Let Go of the World” by Josh Fox at the Watsonville Film Festival April 21.

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