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Ecology Action’s EnergyConnect team provides innovative full-suite energy management services directly to large commercial portfolios.

It gets its name from the point-to-point connection it creates from the start of a project to the end of it. We connect with our clients in an understanding of their distinct needs and work together as partners with common goals; we offer a clear, concise roadmap that links the steps in a path to utility cost savings; we leverage our connections with qualified contractors and incentive programs to benefit our clients. And perhaps most importantly, we reinforce a connection between organizations and their desire to embrace the economic and environmental benefits of saving energy.

Our EnergyConnect senior project managers work with each of our clients to get a deep understanding of their payback threshold and then apply our sophisticated technical, financial and creative skills to find the right energy saving opportunities. Blending our technical knowledge and business acumen with our passion for creative thinking, we operate as an energy atelier, so to speak — creating customized energy solutions for your business that incorporate both form and function and delivers energy savings you can trust.

EnergyConnect helps answer the top questions businesses face in deciding how to reduce their energy costs:

Who can I trust to recommend and implement a solution that’s perfectly tailored to my business?

Who can offer a full-service solution and manage all the project details so I don’t have to?

Who has a proven track record of outstanding results and client satisfaction?

It’s all about connections.

Everything we do is about the client and for the client. We’re in it to create wins for our clients by saving them money and wins for the environment by helping to build a lower carbon future. Our motivation is driven by our passion to help our business community become more profitable by significantly reducing carbon emissions.

EnergyConnect offers these valuable services to our clients:

  • Analysis and prioritization of potential utility cost savings across any sized portfolio
  • The design and delivery of a clear, concise and comprehensive roadmap to savings
  • Access to our robust, nationwide network of qualified contractors to perform the work
  • Management of the complex utility rebate process quickly and expertly
  • Competitive material and labor pricing, and maximization of available utility incentives
  • Project management that ensures the work is completed on time, on budget, and with a uniform, high level of quality
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South San Francisco Conference Center

South San Francisco Conference Center Thinks Gold

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