Commercial Energy Savings Roadmap

Step 2:

We provide a concise and easy-to-follow roadmap to energy savings.

Our EnergyConnect professionals won’t confuse you (or try to impress you) with technical jargon, acronyms or energy efficiency industry-speak. We use plain English to simplify the complex world of energy; we engage with our clients like a colleague who understands their industry as well as they do. After all, we’re on the same team, so why shouldn’t we communicate like it?

We’ll combine your business’ data with our knowledge of energy efficiency technology, incentives, financing options and other factors to design a simple, clear and concise roadmap that summarizes key opportunities and action items. Our roadmap merges big-picture thinking with attention to detail to produce an easy to follow path to your energy savings goals.

The EnergyConnect roadmap will present you with an overview of each measure we recommend and why we believe it’s an important step in your path to success. We’ll then provide you with estimates of the project’s cost; its annual energy cost savings; available incentives and rebates; and how the net investment required translates into a payback period or internal rate of return.

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