Fite Development Company Proves Efficiency Saves

Fite Development Company builds, leases, and manages more than 5 million square feet of industrial, office, and commercial space in the Sacramento region. Their development methodology has enabled their holdings to span everything from factories to strip centers and movie theaters to multi-tenant buildings.

The Challenge

The dynamic lighting requirements of any large commercial office or multi-tenant facility must balance safety, productivity, and operational sustainability. Fite’s goal was to continue reducing the electric bills at 14+ properties and upgrade to the newest lighting technology on the market.

The Solution

Following a comprehensive facility audit, Energy Specialists recommended that Fite Development Company pursue retrofit lighting measures that take advantage of the market’s most efficient equipment. These measures were enhanced by rebates made available through SMUD Complete Energy Solutions. The combination of savings from the new lighting and the incentives provided by the utility made it easy for Fite Development to agree to property retrofits.