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Ecology Action will contact you to ask a few questions about your laundry machine and your garden. If we determine that your property is a good match for the greywater direct installation program, we will schedule a site assessment, create a greywater irrigation system design, and help you schedule an installation appointment.


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Grow your yard with laundry water.

FREE or Low Cost Laundry Greywater System for your Santa Clara County home.


Your home is located in Santa Clara County

You are a  senior citizen (60+), a United States veteran, or a person with a disability -OR - your household makes less than the income on this chart. 

One of our team members will contact you over the phone to ask some simple qualifying questions.

Qualify your home

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Match with a contractor 

We will assess your yard and laundry room to determine the best installation plan. 

Once the home assessment is complete, we assist with finding an experienced contractor to complete the job.

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Only offered from March to November 2019 and limited to 100 residents 

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Offer ends on November 30, 2019

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Let us help you install a greywater irrigation system.

This summer, Ecology Action and Santa Clara Valley Water District are offering no or low-cost professional installation of clothes washer greywater systems for qualifying residents of Santa Clara County. Greywater from clothes washers can be used to water fruit trees, sub-tropical flowering shrubs and vines, tomatoes, chiles, squash and other thirsty plants that need regular water during our long, dry summers. We can help you create a garden oasis with your laundry greywater. 

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You are eligible for a free or low-cost greywater system if:

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You have several fruit trees and/or other thirsty plants in your garden that need regular summer water. 

You are committed to using laundry detergents and products that won't harm plants. 

You are the property owner-OR-You are a renter that commits to all above, and your landlord will agree to maintain the greywater system when you are no longer renting. 

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