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Check out these bike resources with instructional videos, local maps, list of local bike shops, how to grocery shop by bike, and more! Let's get you riding!

New to riding?

"I ride to get from A to B for free!"

"I ride because it makes me smile."

UCSC Student


"I ride to be a good role model for my kids (and because its fun)!" 

Former Santa Cruz Mayor | Attorney, Brereton Law Office  

"I ride because it’s the happiest way home."

City of Santa Cruz Transportation Planner 

"I ride because it’s good for me and the planet."

New Leaf Community Markets

"I ride because it feels like vacation any time I'm on a bike!"

"I ride for the sense of freedom, community, and complete joy."

"I ride because it is easy, safe and convenient."

"I ride to get there happier!"

"I ride because Ryan Gosling's hot, but the planet is hotter."

"I ride to enjoy the outdoors and reduce emissions!" 

"I ride because of space, time, silence, joy, sweat, health."


Ecology Action

MAH and JUMP Ambassador

Community Foundation

Ecology Action

City of Santa Cruz Climate Action

Bike Santa Cruz County

Edward Jones

*Limited to 25 participants per ride. Sign up early!


Your bike
Tires pumped and ready to go 

A helmet
Protect your intellect 

Face mask
Safety for everyone

Water bottle
Adventure is thirsty business 

Your stoke
Don't leave home without it! 

Westside to Midtown : 9:00 am & 11:30 am
Alta Coffee to Verve Coffee Roasters Route Map 

This route is approximately 3.6 miles in length, with minimal elevation gain. 

The deets: Meet at Alta on the Westside and we will use the new Westside Rail Trail, bike lanes on Bay St, the protected two-way cycle track by the Boardwalk, and the improved bike crossing over the San Lorenzo River.   

WESTSIDE | Saturday, October 9th

Midtown to Soquel:  9:00 am & 11:30 am
Verve Coffee Roasters to Heart of Soquel Park Route Map  

This route is approximately 5 miles in length, with minimal elevation gain. 

The deets: Meet at Verve Coffee Roasters in Seabright and we’ll take Seabright neighborhood routes to Arana Gulch and pedal through the beautiful open space on the car free multi use trail before making our way through Live Oak on Brommer St. We’ll head into the Jewel Box neighborhood and navigate Wharf Rd. down to Soquel Wharf Rd. Right over to Heart of Soquel Park.  

Soquel to Aptos Village:  9:00 am & 11:30 am
Heart of Soquel Park to Aptos New Leaf Route Map   

This route is approximately 4.7 miles in length, with minimal elevation gain. 

The deets: Meet at Soquel Park and we'll ride through the new Heart of Soquel trail over Soquel Creek then do a short jog on E. Walnut Street to Soquel Drive before heading down Capitola Avenue to weave through the neighborhood toward Kennedy Drive and McGregor Drive out toward State Park Drive. We’ll safely cross over Highway 1 as a group before turning our wheels south to Aptos Village.  

Watsonville Loop: 9:00 am & 11:30 am
Watsonville Cyclery town and rail trail loop  Route Map    

Ride is approximately 4.9 miles in length, with minimal elevation gain.  

The deets: Meet at Watsonville Cyclery and we'll ride west to Walker Street and make our way toward Ramsay Park. We’ll continue onto Pennsylvania heading up to Struve Slough before turning our wheels south on the Struve Slough trails until we get to Ohlone Parkway and make our way over to the brand-new rail trail segment that’ll connect us to Kearney St. And over to El Valle Produce for a snack before heading back toward the shop!

Is the ride you wanted to participate in full or you can't make it on this day? Check out the route map and try it out for yourself when you can. As always, please be safe, follow the rules of the road, wear a helmet, and have fun!

With new green bike lanes and recently completed parts of the Rail Trail, there are more ways to get safely from one part of town to anotherand we want to show them to you! (BONUS: All participants will get a $10 snack gift card upon arrival.)

Ecology Action’s experienced staff are leading Saturday morning Safe Route Group Rides around town every weekend in October. We will meet at a destination below and ride together, safely and visibly, and have fun doing it! Each ride lasts about 45 minutes and is limited to twenty-five riders. There is no special skill requiredother than knowing how to ride a bike and having a willing attitude for adventure!  


Safe, family friendly, guided bike rides around town with our team of expert riders.  

We’ve outlined some safe, low-stress routes for getting around town. Each ride is approximately 45 minutes. All rides are a beginner friendly route and pace. 

*Mask and proper distancing required.*

MIDTOWN | Saturday, October 16th

SOQUEL | Saturday, October 23rd

WATSONVILLE | Saturday, October 30th


*No purchase necessary. Limited to first 25 people. 
Must be accompanied by an adult if under 18 years old.

Group Rides


$10 Gift Card for participants!*