Open Partner Network

Taking the pain out of the rebate process and allowing energy efficiency partners to keep their mind on what really matters—growing a profitable business.

The easy way to faster rebates

Ecology Action’s Open Partner Network provides a massive business advantage for commercial vendors who deliver energy-savings solutions. Our unique position allows us to offer exclusive benefits like faster, bigger rebates, larger jobs sold, and more comprehensive tools and training. In a nutshell, we help solve the complicated rebate processing puzzle for our partners.

Better Margins

A lower cost of sales coupled with bigger rebates means additional revenue.

Faster Payment

Your rebate payments will arrive in weeks, not months.

More Customers

Easy on-bill financing means less paperwork and more jobs sold.

No-Cost Support

Our technical and administrative support delivers distinct business advantages.

Are you a member of the Open Partner Network?

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Here’s how the partnership works:

As soon as you contact us, we’ll get the process in motion through these 6 strategic steps. Less red tape. More duct tape.

Step 1

Initial Meeting

We take the time up-front to get acquainted and learn about your business.

Step 2

Intro and Training

We take you through the program and train your staff to use the Vendor Rebate Tool (VRT).

Step 3

Proposal Acceptance

Your team begins submitting approved jobs (with a completed VRT), and we initiate our streamlined process.

Step 4

Verify and Install

We verify the project requirements and complete a pre-inspection. After this, you can start installation.

Step 5

Quality Assurance

We provide project and product quality assurance by ensuring that all installed equipment and materials qualify for rebate.

Step 6

Get Paid

Once your project is formally completed, you will receive your rebate within 30-45 days.

Listen to what our partners have to say

Green Creative

kWh Savings: 3,995,600
Total Rebate Payments: $773,200

“Partnering with Open Partner Network has demonstrated the value of collaboration to the benefit of the local community. By manufacturing and supplying quality, energy efficient LED lighting products, Green Creative has been able to support a large portion of the clean energy community within the Bay Area, driven by Ecology Action programs.”

Zach Mix
Regional Sales Manager

Mynt Systems

kWh Savings: 1,299,000
Total Rebate Payments: $157,000

“Open Partner Network has been an integral part of growing our business. We’ve been able to serve our small and medium clients in a way we couldn’t do before. On average, these customers are getting 20% larger rebates than they would otherwise.”

Corrina Hansen
Co-founder, Mynt Systems

American Wholesale Lighting

kWh Savings: 3,111,000
Total Rebate Payments: $242,000

“Our partnership with Open Partner Network allows us to offer our customers perks that they wouldn’t be able to access on their own. This extra layer of service ensures a happy and loyal client.”

Mark Jensen
General Manager

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