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Join us in planning a safer way to school in Monterey County.


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We want to ensure that your voice is heard.

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Add your comments about traffic safety issues around schools that you would like to see included in the Safe Routes to School Plan. 

Ex. Missing bike lanes, broken sidewalks, unsafe crosswalks, drivers going too fast in specific locations, etc.

We'd love to hear from you.

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Over the next two years, members of our community will create a Safe Routes to Schools plan for 15 schools in Marina and Seaside to make it safer and easier for students to walk and bike to school. 

This project is funded through a Caltrans Sustainable Transportation Planning Grant as well as  Measure X :

Public Meetings

School Audits

Pop-Up Events

We will host pop-up infrastructure demonstrations in Marina and Seaside in May 2019. These are temporary installations of traffic safety improvements that let you try out new infrastructure and give input on whether you would like to see the project installed permanently.

School audits were held at each of the 15 schools in September and October to identify traffic safety issues around each school site. These observations will provide the basis for project recommendations at each school.

On August 29th and 30th, 2018, we hosted two public meetings in Seaside and Marina for teachers, parents, and neighbors to learn more about the planning process, openly share their concerns, and suggest ways to make walking and biking to school safer, easier, and more fun.

The Safe Routes to Schools planning process is a partnership between the Transportation Agency for Monterey County, the Cities of Marina and Seaside, Ecology Action, the Monterey County Health Department, and the Monterey Peninsula Unified School District (MPUSD). The goal of this project is to improve safety for students biking and walking to 15 MPUSD schools in Marina and Seaside. Community input is the foundation of the planning process and will be sourced from two community meetings as well as walking audits held at each school. Following the public input phase in Fall 2018, the planning team will work with Alta Planning + Design to create a list of recommendations to improve the safety of the area around each school. This will include infrastructure recommendations (e.g., new sidewalks, improved crosswalks, signage, etc.) as well as program recommendations (e.g., bike and pedestrian safety education and encouragement for students, crossing guard programs, drop-off zone management, school carpooling, etc.).

Recommendations will be presented back to each school in Spring 2019, and the school community will have the opportunity to give input on whether the project list is a good match. The final plan is expected to be completed in early 2020.


The Project

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Pop-Up Demos

Final Plan

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