Transportation Programs

Bike to Work

Since 1987 our Bike to Work campaign has been getting more commuters on bikes with delicious incentives – free smoothies, pastries, and coffee!


This Santa Cruz tradition has helped build the ever-diverse bike community and culture of Santa Cruz. Ecology Action’s Spring and Fall Bike to Work events are a mainstay of bike encouragement and engage over 10,000 community members every year.


The mission and goal of Bike to Work Day is to increase the number of people biking for transportation by creating engaging, fun and educational activities for all residents. More bikes on the road means more livable, healthy and sustainable neighborhoods.


  • Serves over 14,000 riders every year, helping them get out of their cars and connect to sustainability.
  • Implements bicycling education programs at over 30 schools across Santa Cruz County.
  • Keeps more vehicles off the road and improving local traffic conditions.