Water Programs

Greywater and Rainwater Programs

Ecology Action co-founded the Central Coast Greywater Alliance, which provides training for public agencies, contractors and homeowners in best management practices for code-compliant greywater and rainwater systems.


Greywater, waste water from laundry machines, bathroom sinks, showers, and bathtubs, is a valuable source of water for reuse. A typical California household produces more than 10,000 gallons of greywater between May and October alone. Ecology Action worked with local building and environmental health agencies to permit and install the first residential greywater irrigation systems on the Central Coast. Ecology Action has developed practical resources to educate contractors and homeowners on code-compliant systems, and continues to work with local public agencies to streamline and incentive greywater permits.

One inch of rainwater that falls on a 1,000 square foot roof can yield more than 600 gallons of water that can be used indoors for toilet flushing, clothes washing, or outdoors for landscape irrigation. Ecology Action permitted and installed the first indoor, non-potable rainwater reuse systems on the Central Coast. We have developed many practical resources to educate contractors and homeowners on both active and passive rainwater harvesting systems.


Ecology Action’s goal is to offer homeowners and businesses in our Community ways to conserve and even expand their water use efficiency repertoire, so that we can collectively fortify our long-term water sovereignty.


  • Households can save 10,000 gallons of water during the months of April-October when they irrigate with greywater instead of drinking water.
  • Maximize the useful life of the water that you pay for each month.
  • Participating water utilities offer rebates and incentives to help pay for greywater installation materials.