Transportation Programs

School-Based Bike and Walk Programs

Ecology Action provides a variety of active transportation education and encouragement programs for K-12th grade students. Some 8,000 children each year participate in these engaging, fun, and healthy biking and walking efforts at over 50 schools.


Children love the freedom, motion, and exhilaration of riding their bikes or walking but many parents have safety concerns so they limit their children’s active trips. We have a solution for this legitimate parental concern – engaging, interactive, and hands on youth bike safety and walk safety education, which gives children the needed knowledge, skill, and practice to be safe cyclists and pedestrians.

Ecology Action’s nationally certified instructors provide classroom and on-bike safety training for elementary and middle school students as well as walk safety instruction and walking fieldtrips for elementary students so they can experience the joy of pedaling and walking and do so safely. Mom and dad are on board so more kids are biking and walking to school.

In addition, Ecology Action provides a number of encouragement programs to K-12 schools throughout Santa Cruz County in order to encourage students to use active forms of transportation more often. More students walking, biking, skating or scooting to school means fewer cars around school neighborhoods. Less car congestion results in decreased greenhouse gas emissions and safer routes for students.


Our goal is to teach life long and age appropriate bike safety riding practices and walk safety practices that inspire children to bike and walk more often and more safely.


In the 2015/16 school year, Ecology Action trained over 3,000 children to safely ride their bikes and walk safely to school and engaged over 5,300 students in our encouragement programs.