Energy Programs

SMUD Complete Energy Solutions

Serving small and medium businesses in the greater Sacramento area, this program offers no-cost comprehensive energy assessments, energy efficiency retrofits, and energy savings-based incentives to identify savings in lighting, HVAC, refrigeration, and other systems. This is the first energy efficiency program in Sacramento Municipal Utilities District territory.


In partnership with Sacramento Municipal Utilities District (SMUD), this program serves small and medium commercial businesses and provides free energy assessments, direct install energy efficient retrofits, and management of all contractors and rebates. Ecology Action helps businesses, from hotels to retail stores to gas stations, to implement valuable energy efficiency improvements, including interior and exterior lighting, vending controls and refrigeration.


Ecology Action’s core mission is to bring the energy management sophistication enjoyed by large businesses to small and medium commercial business customers – and to do so at a price point that maximizes deep energy savings adoption.


Since 2014, Ecology Action has completed more than 280 projects for SMUD, resulting in lighting, refrigeration, HVAC and vending retrofits. This program will eventually serve upwards of 400 customers over two years, yielding 20 Million kWh in savings, 20% of which is projected to come from HVAC related end uses.