Water Programs

Water Conservation Coalition

Ecology Action designed and executed a plan to inspire Santa Cruz County to make water conservation a way of life, relieving water demand on rivers and wells far beyond the current drought.


Ecology Action worked directly with local water districts in Santa Cruz county to help them design information and assistance programs to empower people to reduce their water use. In 2014, we engaged business and residences to pledge a savings of 17 million gallons of water per year. We proved that we can do a lot quickly to respond and make our own water solutions happen!


Ecology Action’s goal is to offer homeowners and businesses in our community ways to conserve and even expand their water use efficiency repertoire, so that we can collectively fortify our long-term water sovereignty.


Together, so far we have committed to conserving 8,866,945 gallons of water per year during the drought period. Through these powerful programs, we are helping Santa Cruz County to be a leader in water conservation.