Rebates and Incentives

energy savingsPG&E rebates are available to businesses that participate in energy efficiency projects through the Hospitality Program. The program is provided at no cost to you, unless you decide to invest in new equipment, which will then qualify for rebates.

Program rebates for lighting, energy management, and refrigeration retrofits will likely be more attractive than those offered by other programs. That’s because you benefit from special PG&E rebates, and we provide reduced fixed pricing on equipment and contracted labor. Depending on the equipment you choose, some lighting, refrigeration and vending projects may be rebated from 30% to 100%.

Organizations that install energy-saving equipment through the customized retrofit incentive program are rewarded with cash payments. PG&E’s engineering staff must establish the baseline energy use before the project is installed, and then confirms the energy savings after installation. Incentives are based on the actual annual kWh or therm savings achieved.

Hospitality customers in PG&E territory can take the first step toward the rebate opportunity, energy efficiency and saving money, by scheduling your free energy audit today.


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