A Revolution for Emissions.

According to the EPA, a typical passenger vehicle emits 4.6 metric tons (yes, tons!) of carbon dioxide each year. Bicycles emit…zero. Our K-12 programs help kids embrace a healthy lifestyle change with global implications.


Number of kids that have participated in Bike Smart since 2004


Number of kids who learned to ride a bike for the first time through Bike Smart

Bike Smart

By teaching bike safety at a young age, Ecology Action imbues children with a lifelong healthy habit. And also a passion for pedaling. Our nationally certified instructors teach elementary school students the basics, in the classroom and out on the streets.

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Walk Smart

Pedestrians have an important role to play in bike safety, too. Cyclists and walkers have a symbiotic relationship, working together to show that car travel doesn’t have to be the norm. Through Ecology Action’s efforts, nearly 5,000 2nd graders have learned how to be safe on the street.

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Bike to School Day

25 years. 45 schools. Thousands of students. Ecology Action has pioneered Bike to School day in Santa Cruz County and surrounding areas. As a result, a generation of children has discovered alternative transportation as a means to energy-efficient citizenship.