Community Climate Solutions

In the fight against climate change, every action counts.

For over 50 years we’ve been dedicated to advancing equitable community climate solutions in high GHG-emitting sectors.

Our Work

We develop equitable energy, transportation, and water programs that build community resilience to climate change.

There are accessible choices for nearly everyone to lower carbon emissions in these sectors. We offer programs aimed at helping individuals, businesses and communities take sustainable action for people and planet.

Advancing equitable climate solutions in high-GHG-emitting sectors. Energy, Transportation, Water.

Explore Our Current Initiatives

From encouraging active transportation to sparking a region-wide movement for climate resilience, we’re advancing equitable climate solutions.


Making Energy Efficiency Actionable for California Businesses

NetOne offers energy efficiency services including, rebate/incentive processing, technical and engineering support, project management and financing options for businesses in PG&E's service area.


Join the May 2024 Bike Challenge

Bike month is back! Ride your bike, Log rides, win prizes and explore your community.

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EVs for Everyone

Considering making your next car an EV?

We're helping qualifying individuals through the process of buying an electric vehicle, from making the most of rebates to deciding which EV fits for your lifestyle.

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Every Action Counts, Every Person Matters

Growing Our Impact together

We reached more of our community than ever in 2023. Learn more about our impact.

2023 Impact
Ecology Action: Careers

Become a Change Maker

Passionate about finding a career that makes a difference for climate and community? Explore our open positions.

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Resilient Central Coast

Help Us Build a More Resilient Coast

We all have the power to build an equitable climate future by making everyday sustainable changes in how we live and work in our communities. Check out our Resilient Central Coast initiative to learn how you can make a positive impact.

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Active Transportation for All

At Ecology Action, our local active transportation programs have helped thousands of people make the switch to human-powered movement. That’s why we launched Modo, our initiative to help all community members find climate-friendly ways to get where they're going.

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Act Now for Climate

Climate justice is central to our mission – and with a little help from our friends we know we can do more.


Are you ready to be a positive force for good? Join our volunteer community!



Are you looking for a partner to help you reach your sustainability goals? Learn more about how we work with businesses and communities.



Be a part of the solution. Donate to help address the climate crisis and support equitable climate solutions.


Stories of Impact

See the latest in community climate solutions.

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