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The daily reports about ever-rising greenhouse gas emissions can feel like a deluge. It may even feel like we’re losing the climate battle. But we are far from powerless. More people than ever are taking meaningful action that collectively can transform how we adapt to a changing climate. Through the stories of impact below, we hope to encourage you to get swept up in the growing momentum of the climate movement—action by action.

The Power of Action

With assistance from our EVs for Everyone/EVs Para Todos program, people all along the Central Coast have been joining the electric vehicle (EV) revolution. Through online and in-person community events, our team supports low-to-middle–income residents through the EV buying process. Our bilingual team is committed to driving the adoption of electric vehicles to support clean air in our communities and help reach our state goal of five million electric vehicles on the road by 2030.

“At EVs Para Todos, Danny was such a help through the entire process. There were just so many programs out there, so much paperwork and hoops to jump through only to determine ineligibility. Danny and the team streamlined that process, so I only applied for the programs that fit my situation. I would never have been able to afford a new car, let alone a new EV, without this help.”

- Toto Vu-Duc


Over $495,000 in EV rebates accessed


Participants in purchase assistance program


of program participants from underserved communities

Every Person Matters

Santa Cruz and Monterey Counties bore the brunt of California’s recent historic winter, which brought devastating effects that will take years to recover from. The Resilient Central Coast campaign empowers residents to lead their families, friends and neighbors to act for climate. These community leaders are supported by a six-county cross-sector coalition led by Ecology Action. Together, we aim to activate 500,000 Central Coast households to cut our emissions in half by 2030.

“I've lived in Hollister for many years. Most people don't realize how beautiful San Benito County is, but I always have. I'm most interested in saving money, and I can do that on the Resilient San Benito website. I found a lot of rebates. I am now a bit addicted to earning points and I’m feeling good because now I’m also saving on other things like my waste and water and energy. It’s easier for me to read in Spanish, so I like that about it as well. I'm wondering what else I can do now for my community.”

- Manuela from San Benito


Over 1,500 residents across 6 counties from Santa Cruz to Ventura have taking action for climate


climate action commitments

200 tons

of C02 saved

Our Future in Action

Access and education are key when clearing barriers for under-resourced groups to choose alternative transportation over other less sustainable options. Through Modo, Ecology Action is helping to build bicycle and pedestrian-friendly communities where active transportation is accessible and convenient for everyone. Enabling these choices creates a ripple effect of positive change for individuals, communities and the environment.

“I love Juan and this program. They help motivated me and my daughter to ditch our car for school drop offs and ride in on our bikes. We have so much fun singing songs, watching the neighborhood fly by, and using our bike safety skills that she learned (and reminded me of) because of Ecology Action.”

- Brittany, Bayview Parent


8,972 elementary students taught bicycle and pedestrian safety skills across Santa Cruz, Monterey, San Mateo, and Santa Clara counties.

In 2023, we reached
and directly served 866,508 people with our
community climate solutions.

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Make a Lasting Impact in 2024

Advancing equitable climate solutions in high-GHG-emitting sectors

Take action where it matters most.

There are accessible choices for nearly everyone to lower carbon emissions in these sectors. It may be overwhelming to know where or how to begin, but we are here to take the first step with you for a better future and cleaner planet. We offer programs aimed at helping individuals and communities make sustainable choices for people and planet.

2023 Impact Report

It all starts with one action...

Empower Active Transportation for All


Build a more Resilient Central Coast, one goal at a time

Commit to Actions

Be part of the movement: make the switch to an EV

Empower electric

Your action counts, your action matters.

We’re continuing to focus our resources on bringing communities together to advance scalable, equitable climate solutions. We hope to inspire you to act for climate today, in the next year and for many years to come. Every action matters, every person counts.