45 Years of Helping People Act Now

Four decades and more committed than ever.

Since our humble beginnings in the spring of 1970, we’re still helping people, businesses and communities make simple, yet profound changes that have big environmental impact. By doing so, our work not only reduces greenhouse gas emissions today, but it also opens the minds of the people throughout the communities we serve to the possibility of bigger, bolder changes tomorrow.

Grass roots to industry leader

Ecology Action grew out of the social, political and environmental activism that swept through California in the late 1960s and early 1970s. The organization launched on April 22, 1970 – fittingly, the nation’s first Earth Day – in the Berkeley home of founder Cliff Humphrey. Its earliest initiative was the establishment of Santa Cruz’s first recycling center, followed by its advocacy for legislation that led to the county’s first curbside recycling program. The late 1980s saw an expansion into transportation programs with the successful roll-out of Bike to Work and Bike to School programs. In 2002, Ecology Action launched its first energy efficiency program – RightLights for PG&E – and soon followed it with other programs in partnership with local utilities, government entities and community organizations. The historic droughts of recent years prioritized the development and implementation of a series of critical water conservation programs led by Ecology Action. In the more than 46 years since its humble beginnings, Ecology Action has grown into an industry leader that engages its customers in bringing about positive changes to the economy and environment of their communities.

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Our team of talented professionals have redefined outside-the-box thinking in the world of program design and delivery.

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Our Change Acceleration Model

At Ecology Action, we use a methodology we developed called Change Acceleration to deliver programs that are tailored to the unique circumstances of individuals and businesses.

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