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Water Stories


The Sustainable Life at Ecology Action

February 8, 2017
Ecology Action’s mission is to help people act now against climate change.   It’s clearly apparent in our work, but…

We Love the Rain, But Let’s Think Long

February 10, 2017
All the rain this winter is nice, but let’s keep our good water habits going. Shorter showers, low flow aerators…

Clean the Water in Your Coffee

February 21, 2017
Who knows how much water goes into making a cup of coffee? If you said one cup, guess again. Coffee…


How to Drink the Sky

February 22, 2017
Is atmospheric water production the future of drinking water? LA-based architect David Hertz shows us the possibilities by using the…

An Unbiased Guide to Energy Efficiency

February 26, 2017
The data-driven folks over at Consumer Reports put together this great resource to help you make informed decisions about energy efficiency…