The Future is Electric

Ecology Action designs and delivers electric vehicle charging direct installation and market demand acceleration programs that help communities realize a fossil fuel–free future. We’re leading California on solutions that ensure charging access in under-resourced communities and the building of charging infrastructure, and we don’t stop there. Our community engagement programs provide online education, tools and, resources, along with technical assistance for navigating the switch from gas-powered to electric vehicles. Check out our current campaign EVs for Everyone (EVs Para Todos) for free 1 on 1 support for EV purchases.

Youth bike programs

Leading the Way for EV adoption in Multi-Family Housing

The primary barrier to adoption of EV charging in the multifamily sector is the hassle factor—what it takes for a property operator to get up to speed then move the job through design, permitting, installation and commissioning. Likewise, unlike energy and water efficiency upgrades, installing vehicle charging offers virtually no return on investment for the owner. By using a “Direct Installation” delivery model, property operators receive a set of end-to-end services provided at no-cost to them, solving the core dilemmas of this market failure. Tenants in turn are connected with opportunities to test-drive electric vehicles, access new/used car rebates and receive non-biased support when making their EV purchase decisions. These wrap-around services allow property owners and residents to remain focused on their essential business and life priorities. For more of our latest thinking on our recent innovations in EV Charging for Multi-Family Housing contact us.

Best In Class

Since 2011, Ecology Action has led the Monterey Bay Electric Vehicle Alliance (MBEVA) to catalyze individuals and businesses to switch from gas-powered to electric vehicles. We’ve gained recognition from national experts as a “best in class” program, and we've honed our strategies for sparking consumers’ consideration of EV purchases and for shortening the buying cycle, in order to accelerate EV ownership so our region can help the state meet critical decarbonization goals. Our diverse strategies range from car showcase displays and multi-model test-drive events to online learning and resources that remove barriers to EV adoption.


Direct Installation Services

Without access to reliable, affordable charging at home, multifamily residents are very unlikely to drive electric. In fact, providing access to charging at home is the most influential way to encourage consumers to purchase EVs. To address this gap, Ecology Action has designed an innovative direct installation program that uses existing house panel capacity to make low-power EV charging installation available at no cost for multi-family property owners.

There's an EV out there for everyone

You don’t have to wait for the future to own an Electric Vehicle. Get up to $14,000 to upgrade your transportation! The Central Coast EV Purchase Guidance Program helps low-to-middle income residents through the entire process of buying an electric vehicle (EV) or plug-in hybrid (PHEV). Staffed by bilingual community-based organizations and professional advisors.


Our Partners in Electrification

Thank you to our partners for helping us create a fossil-fuel free future.