Scaling EV Adoption for All

Ecology Action designs and delivers solutions that promote equitable Electric Vehicle (EV) adoption and access to charging infrastructure to help communities reduce greenhouse gas emissions. We have a long history of championing sustainable transportation methods and a proven track record of equitably accelerating EV adoption for people of all income levels through community-based outreach and education. We are leading California with innovation in charging infrastructure for multi-family housing that makes EV ownership accessible for more Californians.

Youth bike programs

Leading the Way for EV Adoption in Multi-Family Housing

Limited access to charging is often the dominant barrier to EV adoption. Without being able to charge overnight at home, people living in multi-family residences remain very unlikely to convert to electric vehicles. Our team is pioneering innovative approaches that bring affordable EV charging to the roughly one third of Californian’s that live in apartments and condos. By using a “direct installation” delivery model, we remove many of the barriers to installing chargers, making it easy and affordable for property owners to install EV charging. We make it affordable by utilizing existing electric panel capacity and low-power and shared-power chargers. We manage this work from start to finish at no cost to the property owner. Our innovations build upon the decades of experience as a leader in deployment of energy and water upgrades for multi-family and commercial properties.

For more in-depth information on our methods and innovations in EV charging for multi-family housing, contact us.

Multicultural Community Outreach

Ecology Action’s EVs for Everyone/EVs Para Todos campaign increases community awareness about the benefits of plug-in electric vehicles and helps under-resourced community members make the switch to their first plug-in electric car. Outreach activities such as car display shows and ride and drive events address common myths about EV affordability, range, and how charging works. For those ready to make the switch from gas to electric, we provide customized step-by-step guidance through the rebate application and buying process. Staffed by bilingual community-based organizations and professional advisors, our outreach efforts successfully build trust that increases awareness and leads to action.


Advocating for Clean, Equitable Transportation

Since 2011, Ecology Action has led state and regional efforts to support individuals and businesses in the switch from gas-powered to electric vehicles. We’ve worked with regulators, utilities, community-based organizations, charger companies and vehicle manufacturers to advocate for policies that make the most efficient use of funding and see that it is spent equitably to meet critical decarbonization goals.

Our Partners in Transportation Electrification

Thank you to our recent partners for helping electrify the future.