Tackling the world's toughest resource challenges is the shared purpose that connects us as an organization - and transcends the bottom-line.

  • Aaron B.

    Senior Supply Chain Analyst

  • Aaron D.

    Vice President of Strategic Development

  • Adam M.

    Business Development Manager

  • Andy M.

    Vice President, Customer Success

  • Angel R

    EV Charging Customer Advisor – Project Manager

  • Brian G.

    EV Charging Customer Advisor - Project Manager

  • Christopher M.

    Partner Success Manager

  • Courtney D.

    Program Manager

  • Darren N.

    Senior Manager, Energy Analytics and Programs

  • Frank D.

    Senior Construction Manager

  • Frank H.

    Interim Vice president of Sales

  • Gary E.

    Vice President, Construction Services

  • Jane M.

    Principal, Taper

  • Jennifer M.

    Director Vendor Relations & HVAC-R

  • Jeremy J.

    Senior Utility Incentive Manager

  • Jonathan T.

    Vice President, Business Development and Integration

  • Kathryn F.

    Incentive Manager

  • Koralie H.

    Budget and Operations Analyst

  • Lore J.

    Director of Utility Programs & Strategy

  • Luis S.

    Incentive Manager

  • Michelle M.

    Vice President, Delivery

  • Michelle T.

    Senior Inside Sales Representative

  • Pete W.

    Director of Operations

  • Peter C.

    Director of Programs and Collaboration

  • Rachel R.

    Senior Construction Project Manager

  • Renee S.

    Construction Project and Incentive Manager

  • Richard M.

    Director of Engineering

  • Robb M.

    Business Development Manager

  • Ryan K.

    Business Development Manager

  • Scott F.

    Director of Business Strategy

  • Stan P.

    Senior Software Engineer

  • Tom P.

    Systems Solutions Manager

  • Tyler J.

    Business Development Manager