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Energy Stories


Cold, Hard, Cash Thanks to New Refrigeration Technology

December 21, 2018
In the beginning, there was ice – the original refrigeration. Some of us may remember our grandparents referring to the…

Deferred Maintenance is the Best Reason(among many) to upgrade to LEDs

December 20, 2018
LED lighting offers so many advantages over other technologies that it can be hard to decide which of them presents…

5 Ways to Stop Sweating the Utility Bill

December 19, 2018
There’s an age-old argument about whether something new is better than the old version just because it’s more recent. While…


The BIG benefits of LEDs

October 31, 2018
If Nick Holonyak, Jr.’s name isn’t as familiar to you as Thomas Edison’s, it’s understandable but unfortunate. Because while most…

The Sustainable Life at Ecology Action

February 8, 2017
Ecology Action’s mission is to help people act now against climate change. It’s clearly apparent in our work, but we…