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Water Stories


Santa Cruz County Inspires Water Conservation as a Way of Life

December 11, 2017
Santa Cruz County relies heavily on local rainfall for their water supply. When the drought in California hit year three…

WaterLink Program

October 3, 2017
WaterLink is an Ecology Action program that helps people and businesses located in specific areas of Santa Clara County,¬†Monterey Bay…

Plastic Pollution, Our Oceans, Our Future

July 10, 2017
This is a story about protecting our native wildlife through research, education and advocacy. As Hawaii contemplates joining over 60…


Redwood Creek – Where Wetlands Restoration is Working

July 10, 2017
Great news for people, wildlife, and the environment. There is a place you might know called Muir Beach. This is…

Why Cities Need More Green Roofs

July 10, 2017
Could green roofs revolutionize our cities? We took a field trip to the largest green roof in New York City.…

How to Lose Your Lawn for Good

May 24, 2017
Lawns are so 2010. But the WaterLink Program’s turf retrofit team is here to help you burst into the new…


WaterLink Brings Change to Disadvantaged Communities

April 2, 2017
WaterLink helps the economies of Bay Area communities, while saving water and energy.   In 2016, Ecology Action received $2.5…

How to Drink the Sky

February 22, 2017
Is atmospheric water production the future of drinking water?   LA-based architect David Hertz shows us the possibilities by using…

Clean the Water in Your Coffee

February 21, 2017
Who knows how much water goes into making a cup of coffee?   If you said one cup, guess again.…


We Love the Rain, But Let’s Think Long

February 10, 2017
All the rain this winter is nice, but let’s keep our good water habits going. Shorter showers, low flow aerators…

The Sustainable Life at Ecology Action

February 8, 2017
Ecology Action’s mission is to help people act now against climate change. It’s clearly apparent in our work, but we…