Our Mission:
Less Emissions.

Climate change:
The defining issue of our age.

Climate change. Global warming. It doesn’t matter how you refer to it; the planet faces an uncertain future due to the unprecedented release of greenhouse gas emissions. Studies reveal that commercial businesses are the greatest contributors of greenhouse gas emissions due to aging and inefficient infrastructure. These emissions negatively impact the Earth’s ecosystems and will compromise our food and water security, community health, and economic prosperity. Thankfully, there are solutions in place that can minimize and even reverse the damaging effects of greenhouse gases.

That’s where we come in.

Our mission:
Reducing carbon emissions.

Our mission is squarely focused on reducing greenhouse gas emissions. At scale. Which is why we target building efficiency measures with commercial and industrial businesses. The ever-increasing need to maximize profit and reduce costs means that leaders at large corporations are looking for ways to increase their energy and water efficiency to help reach their financial goals.

What we provide, is a custom-tailored approach to multi-site, multi-measure, and multi-state building efficiency projects, end-to-end. We offer huge differentiated value by serving as a general contractor who can expertly handle every stage of an energy efficiency project. From assessment and analysis to negotiating and securing rebates, to measurement and reporting, we make the low-carbon path irresistibly easy.

Our Mission


Participating Businesses


kWh Electricity Reduced


Gallons Water Saved


Metric Tons of CO2 Reduced

Inspiring people
on a local level.

Large-scale building efficiency isn’t the only way we’re addressing climate change. We aspire to influence behavior change in our own backyard. We focus on adult and youth bike programs, transportation infrastructure, and water conservation.

Inspiring People on a Local Level

Why give to Ecology Action?

You might be asking…why would a nonprofit that partners with large corporate businesses accept charitable contributions from individuals and foundations? Why do we need the money? The truth is, every single dollar we make (beyond simple operating costs) goes directly toward scaling our energy model to achieve maximum environmental impact.

What we’ve learned from 25 years of building efficiency work in California is that multi-site enterprise business holds the greatest opportunity for impacting emissions at scale.

While we’re here to help practically all businesses, we see the promise of real change by going beyond our California borders. We’ve learned that rewarding these multi-state businesses with incentives, that aren’t always available nationally, is the surest way to reaching our zero emissions goal.

Help us move beyond California. Building efficiency across the nation isn’t equal. With your help we can take our tried and true method beyond our borders. Let’s make all states golden, not just California.