UN IPCC Synthesis Report: Thinking Globally, Acting Locally

The United Nations recently released its sixth Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) report. The results are much of what we knew was coming: our planet continues to warm, and without immediate and cooperative action, we will see more frequent and extreme catastrophic weather events that threaten all of our futures. The pace and scale of what needs to be done to have a habitable planet needs to be scaled up, quickly.

The positive news is that scientists report we have effective solutions to dramatically reduce our greenhouse gas emissions and adapt to climate change. The IPCC reports clearly states the path forward is climate resilient development.

The greatest gains in wellbeing could come from prioritizing climate risk reduction for low-income and marginalized communities.

Christopher Trisos, an author of the IPCC report highlights the need for climate resilience. This is the core of our mission at Ecology Action, and it is the guiding framework for everything we do.

Climate resilient development means solutions that lower or eliminate emissions while producing wider benefits. “Access to clean energy and technologies improves health, especially for women and children,” the IPCC notes, and “low-carbon electrification, walking, cycling and public transport enhance air quality, improve health, employment opportunities and deliver equity.” This last point is especially important to us at Ecology Action. Climate justice is a necessity in our adaptation to climate change.

Ecology Action recognizes each challenge as an opportunity and an obligation to take action. Through our initiatives, we are continuing to accelerate our climate response, targeting the highest GHG emitting sectors with climate justice and resilience at the center of our work. These initiatives include:

  1. Modo – Promoting, encouraging, and educating the Central Coast on active transportation lifestyles.
  2. EVs for Everyone/ EVs Para Todos – Assisting community members to have access to electric vehicles and EV education so they are part of the EV revolution.
  3. Resilient Central Coast – Equipping every individual with the knowledge and tools to take part in simple, effective action for climate.
  4. Taper – Optimizing building efficiency by ensuring every business can reduce carbon emissions that also yield financial benefits.
  5. Ratio Institute– Advancing sustainability in food retail to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

The devastating effects from climate change are accelerating, a fact not lost on all of us in California, through our cycling seasons of fires and floods. How we act now will determine the future for all living things on our planet. Ecology Action is committed, with you alongside us, to leading the way in this critical moment in our history, working to ensure that we as a global community are doing everything in our power to build a resilient and sustainable future for us all. Thank you for your commitment to our collective future. It is time for action, and we are fired up and ready to go with you!