Modo Accelerates the Move to Low-Carbon Transportation

Ecology Action launches regional initiative to reduce greenhouse gases by making human-powered modes more accessible.

Santa Cruz, February 15, 2023 — Each time you choose to ride a bike, strap on rollerblades, step onto a skateboard, or simply walk instead of driving a gas-powered vehicle, you’re doing something good for yourself and the planet. In California, 38% of all greenhouse gas emissions come from transportation. In Santa Cruz County, transportation accounts for 60% of those emissions.

With the launch of Modo, Ecology Action builds on years of success in supporting and motivating Central Coast communities to replace polluting car trips with healthful, safe, and climate-friendly active transportation alternatives. Providing in-person and virtual experiences, Modo delivers community-based resources for the Central Coast and a wide range of helpful ways to make active transportation part of your daily life—no matter which streets you call home.

“The choices we make each day about how to get to work or school, or visit friends and family, may seem insignificant in our fight for a more livable, equitable, and climate-resilient future. But the positive climate action that comes when people choose to walk or ride their bikes instead of driving a fossil fuel-powered car is immense. Modo exists to make active transportation options the easy choice for all Central Coast residents by providing the resources and encouragement to choose climate-friendly movement as part of our daily lives,” said Kirsten Liske, Ecology Action’s Vice President of Community Programs.

“We have partnered with Ecology Action for many years to deliver the skills students and families need to walk or roll to school. The launch of Modo is an opportunity to further spread the benefits of active transportation to more people throughout the Central Coast. We already know that kids who walk or roll to school have improved concentration, moods, and academic success. Modo will help more kids and adults live healthier and happier lives while also using our power as individuals to tackle climate change,” said Ariana Green, Principal Transportation Planner for the Transportation Agency for Monterey County (TAMC).

Learn, move and connect through active transportation with Modo.

Learn, move and connect through active transportation with Modo.


Modo is built on three pillars:

Learn: Active transportation is deeply embedded in our collective DNA. But in a modern world built largely to accommodate the car, navigating our streets safely and confidently by human-powered modes requires skills. Modo delivers both in-person and virtual programming to help individuals and families get their equipment and themselves ready to safely enjoy the many benefits of active transportation.

Move: Change always requires encouragement. Modo helps motivate community members to get moving with skills-building field trips, school demonstrations, challenges, and other events.

Connect: Active transportation lowers greenhouse gas emissions and fosters new friendships and community. It all starts with our individual decision to choose active transportation more often. By hosting organized group rides, walks, and other events, Modo gives bikers, walkers, rollerbladers, and skateboarders plenty of opportunities to build friendships by moving together. Modo also makes the purchase of a bike more accessible and equitable by connecting residents with financial incentives and rebates. The more we can all choose active transportation options, the more our collective action can translate into climate progress.

Modo encourages active transportation for all community members in the Central Coast.


While new, Modo builds on Ecology Action’s decades of experience in making active transportation a safe and viable option in Central Coast communities. Since the 1990s, for example, Ecology Action has spearheaded Walk and Roll to School Day in Santa Cruz County, and their staff has worked directly with schools and teachers to provide generations of students with the skills they need to walk and bike safely. Coalescing all of Ecology Action’s active transportation expertise and services into Modo, and making these offerings easily accessible to everyone, will maximize the climate and health benefits for all members of our community.

To celebrate its launch, Modo will host its first group bike ride on Saturday, March 11. Join friends new and old for a fun and easy roll along lightly trafficked streets and dedicated bike paths. The first 50 people who register and show up for the ride will receive free rechargeable multi-colored LED wheel lights.

For more information on Modo and to sign up for the group ride, visit

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