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Resilient Central Coast: Everyday Opportunities for Local Climate Action

Community Events

Prepare, support and promote sustainability and climate friendly practices at local community events.

EVs for Everyone

Electric Vehicles

Educate and engage Santa Cruz & Monterey County residents about rebates, grants, and the many benefits of electric vehicle ownership.

modo: active transportation for all

Active Transportation

Teach 5th grade students bike safety skills and 2nd graders walking safety skills in schools in Santa Cruz and Monterey Counties. Promote sustainable transportation and bike safety to adults in Santa Cruz County.

Ecology Action

Office + Project Based Support

Assist Ecology Action staff with data entry, research, office tasks, and project based assistance, as opportunities become available.

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Together we can develop equitable energy, water and transportation programs that build community resilience to climate change.

There are accessible choices for nearly everyone to lower carbon emissions in these sectors. We offer programs aimed at helping individuals, businesses and communities take sustainable action for people and planet.

Advancing equitable climate solutions in high-GHG-emitting sectors. Energy, Transportation, Water.