Water Efficiency & Reuse: A Higher Standard

Ecology Action designs and delivers public education and direct installation programs that inspire residents and businesses to make water conservation a way of life. Increasing water efficiency and reuse lessens our demand on rivers and groundwater wells, which will help to prepare the region for drought and a changing climate.

Youth bike programs


WaterLink has provided free direct installation of cost-effective, indoor water conservation measures in low income single- and multi-family residential units, and commercial businesses. During the project period, WaterLink conserved nearly 827 million gallons of water and reduced greenhouse gas emissions by 84,500 metric tons. Most importantly, WaterLink delivered residents and business owners approximately $7 million in utility bill savings.

Water Saving Solutions

Ecology Action co-founded the Central Coast Greywater Alliance, which provides technical resources and training for public agencies, contractors, and homeowners in the best management practices for code-compliant greywater and rainwater reuse systems. Our policy development and direct installation programs have led the way in mainstreaming the permitting and construction of water reuse systems.


Partnerships for Landscape Transformation

Ecology Action collaborates with regional partners to protect the urban watersheds of Monterey Bay by training and recognizing professional landscapers and home gardeners alike in creating and maintaining high-value landscape installations that use green infrastructure and require less water.

Our Partners in Water Efficiency

We wouldn't be able to do so much of this without the support of our generous partners. Partners include: