Help us take action today in the battle against climate change.




"We are at a critical moment in time. Climate change is accelerating at an alarming pace. Positive change is happening, but it's too slow. We are simply not cutting emissions fast enough. We all need to do more to quickly and dramatically reduce greenhouse gas emissions."

Jim Murphy, CEO Ecology Action



Nationwide Grocer: 
A Partner for Change

At Ecology Action, we believe that businesses can be a force for good in the fight against climate change. Like individuals, businesses need help prioritizing what to do. We're growing our investment in our commercial efficiency work across the country in order to increase our impact and accelerate rapid emissions reductions.

Corporate businesses have significant energy needs and present opportunities to be leaders in demonstrating cost-effective, sustainable solutions. Ecology Action has partnered with a national grocery chain to massively reduce its energy and water usage—to the tune of over 33 million pounds of CO2 across 354 stores in 4 states. The impact spans the company’s operations in 35 states and includes over 2,400 properties.

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You can support change locally through our transportation programs or globally through our water and energy programs.


Ecology Action is accelerating the rapid reduction of greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) by partnering with businesses and individuals to adopt high impact solutions that are affordable and readily available today. 

 Thanks to our partnerships and donor support, we’ve achieved measurable impact in transportation, energy efficiency, and water conservation. These sectors of human activity are responsible for significant GHG emissions and also represent big opportunities for reduction. 

Together, we have reduced: 


Metric Tons of CO(Energy, Water & Transportation)

That's equivalent to removing more than 15,000 cars from the road for a year.


It's not too late. 

If we act swiftly together, we can amplify our talent, solutions, and influence to dramatically slow the impact of climate change.



Read the impacts we had in the areas of energy, water and transportation.


Underserved Monterey 
Bay Communities

We provided water and energy efficiency upgrades to residents and businesses in underserved communities of the Pajaro Valley, Salinas Valley, and Monterey Peninsula.

Water–energy efficiency upgrades were completed in 405 commercial kitchens and included the installation of efficient pre-rinse spray valves, faucet aerators, and ENERGY STAR commercial dish machines. Over a period of 10 years, the project will conserve 1,174,393,070 gallons (3,604 acrefeet) of water and reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 45,302 metric tons of CO₂ equivalent. Overall, 70% of water and energy savings from the project occurred in underserved communities, saving residents and business owners $1,250,478 annually on utility bills.


Challenging the Community to Ride

Motivating children and adults to walk and bicycle more often saves energy, reduces air pollution and traffic congestion, improves our physical health, and helps us build stronger communities.

Our inaugural Bike Month Challenge engaged 80 organizations and 1,054 local participants to ride during the entire month of May, resulting in 35,095 pounds of reduced COemissions. One of the great benefits of the program was that it helped spread the message of biking for regular transportation trips. People were able to interact with biking on their own terms, at their own paces, doing as much or as little as suited them. The program opened doors for more people to participate more often. “I was inspired to ride my bike almost daily during the month and have continued riding after the challenge,” said a Bike Month participant. We are innovating in activation campaigns throughout the year to increase Santa Cruz community participation and advocate for improved infrastructure. 

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