We became environmentalists back when 'going green' meant something very different.

Reducing Emissions.
Opening Minds.

April 22, 1970. The very first Earth Day. California was buzzing with new ideas focused on social, political, and environmental impact.

From his home in Berkeley, Cliff Humphrey launched a new organization. It was inspired by the grassroots activism of the 60s and early 70s, but with a far-reaching vision. From these humble roots, our organization – Ecology Action – would set out to transform the way individuals, communities, and corporations consume and conserve energy.

Garbage Power
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Finding Our Way.

Ecology Action's first initiative was to establish a recycling center in Santa Cruz, CA. Then came a county-wide curbside recycling program. As our organization grew, we expanded into transportation as well: Bike-to-Work and Bike-to-School programs.

A Wide Open Future.

But those were the old days. As California experienced historic droughts and major weather-related events, it became clear that an urgent response was required. Nearly a half-century since that day in 1970, Ecology Action is an industry leader in rapidly reducing carbon emissions at scale – bridging the gap between the corporate world and local change-agents.