Driving systemic change for half a century

Ecology Action launched on April 22, 1970, the nation’s first Earth Day, to address our community's environmental problems. We established Santa Cruz’s first recycling center and advanced policy that created the county’s first curbside recycling program. We have developed solutions addressing various recycling issues, pesticide use, and compost practices. Our focus now is on the most pressing issue for a thriving future: reducing carbon emissions. Our programs deploy and innovative scalable, carbon reduction solutions for sectors that have the most significant opportunity for high GHG emitting sectors: transportation, water conservation, energy efficiency. In the more than 50 years since our launch, Ecology Action has grown into an industry leader that empowers individuals and organizations to make positive changes for a healthier, more equitable, low-carbon future.

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Our mission is to provide innovative energy, water, and transportation solutions to communities across California to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, at scale. We empower people, businesses and communities make simple, yet profound changes that have measurable, equitable economic and environmental impact.

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A Vision for the Future

We are at a critical moment in time—we have a decade to make the changes we need to make for the future of our species and planet. Climate change is accelerating at an alarming pace. Positive change is happening, but we must accelerate the rate of change to secure a sustainable future for all. We envision a future where sustainability is a cornerstone strategy in every business, large and small; where equitable, clean, affordable transportation is available to all; and where the positive impact of individual choices ripples outward creating a wave of awareness and positive action. This our future and our shared reality, we must work together to get there.

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Our Commitment

We are deeply committed to transparency in all aspects of our operations, reporting, and impact measurement at Ecology Action. We know every dollar counts for our partners and donors. We pride ourselves on making fiscal conservancy a key tenent of our work. We commit to measurable goals for all projects at the onset and report on the outcomes with clarity so our partners and donors can see that tangible progress is being made on the initiatives that matter most to them.


How We Create Impact


Policy & Partnerships

We leverage decades of expertise in environmental policy and strong regional relationships to drive scalable environmental and economic success. We help government agencies, utilities, and non-profit partners meet their sustainability goals.


Community Activation

With deep roots in community organizing, Ecology Action has successfully implemented results-based engagement strategies to activate hundreds of communities throughout California and deliver measurable outcomes.


Program Design & Delivery

Our team develops and delivers programs with real impact by taking a human-centered approach to identifying objectives, understanding audiences, testing pilot solutions, and reporting on measurable outcomes.


Technical Expertise

Our work draws from a deep bench of experts with decades of experience in regulatory energy, transportation planning, active transportation, youth education, electric vehicle adoption, water conservation, and zero waste.

Act Now for Climate

Less Emissions is our mission – and with a little help from our friends we know we can get there.


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What We’re Thinking About

Our brainpower is always turned on, generating new ways to guarantee a sustainable, low-carbon future for you and our communities. Take a look at a few of our scalable, big ideas.

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