February 23, 2018

EMPower Palo Alto and Hewlett Packard Partner on Campus Sustainability Efforts

EMPower Palo Alto is an energy-efficiency program delivered by Ecology Action for commercial customers of the City of Palo Alto Utilities (CPAU). It offers businesses a wide range of energy-efficiency retrofit services, including installations and upgrades of lighting systems, heating and air-conditioning units, sensors, boilers, motors, laundry facilities, vending and refrigeration systems, and more.

Ecology Action recently completed a project in partnership with Hewlett Packard delivering retro-commissioning to optimize existing heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning systems while upgrading buildings’ energy management software and installing LED lighting. This project delivered 1.4 million kWh in energy savings and $130,000 in utility savings. The most notable element is that the rebate funds the project made available were directed toward HP-facility sustainability projects, including a sustainable garden.

Click here for City of Palo Alto statement.